Leo Smith in 2013 Meeting with Asian American Business Leaders in Atlanta Georgia

By Leo Smith, Chair of The Georgia Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force Community Outreach Subcommittee

Op-Ed Written May 20, 2020

Our Alliances with Asian Americans Against Coronavirus

The virus that is COVID-19 has been a terrifying reality for Georgians from our southernmost city of Saint George to our border-town entering North Carolina, Sky Valley. Every town and every person is important for our state’s ability to successfully emerge from the restrictions of executive orders and economic disruption. …

The Georgia Election Date is now in Legislators Hands

Elections Today

When clarity can be found it can also sometimes be accompanied by the relief of certainty. — Unknown

Recently, the Secretary of State’s Office of Georgia heard requests to move primary elections again due to the spread of coronavirus. For the record, here’s a statement from the Secretary of State on where we are as of today March 30, 2020.

From the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State

“As we have discussed with numerous stakeholders, the Secretary of State does not have unilateral authority to move the primary…

Is the 34% Black American Approval Rating for President Trump Significant?

I’m vacationing like I am sure many of you are. But my quick Facebook post on November 26 was disturbing for some so let me explain. Here’s how I look at polling when evaluating and the impact of campaign strategy. I’ll note here special attention to black American voting.

I am generally critical of polls as are most consultants. Polls become more helpful in predicting trends in the aggregate. Rarely is one poll alone very helpful. For messaging, a consultant may publicly promote a single poll. You should know…

A Challenge to Intellectual Complacency

Bates and Morehouse College Debate

As the impeachment hearings are underway, Americans are bearing witness to our struggle for reasoned argument and the metastasis of myopic partisan blindspots. In the words of Carl Sagan; “If we know only our own side of the argument, we hardly know even that.” An intellect untested by opposition is an intellect unknown. We have yet to live up to America’s true intellectual capacity.

College Republicans are a voice on campus that tells the other side of the story. The integrity of higher education is the beneficiary. A fully operating, event hosting, policy critiquing conservative…

On Nikki Haley, President Trump and Impeachment

The New Yorker magazine’s John Cassidy doesn’t like Nikki Haley’s assertion that President Trump shouldn’t get the “death penalty” for what many conclude to be his transcript transgressions. His recent article like many in the media quickly convicts Trump on the basis that his actions were for personal benefit. They assume the truth of that. This position, “Trump got something illegally” is actually false until proven otherwise. For it to be true, we must eliminate any plausible reason to investigate Biden’s son, and also show that the alleged desired outcome, damage to the Senior Biden campaign occurred. At worst, President…

A descendent of American slaves, my birth in Wakefield Virginia came without the right to to vote. I was a 1 year old when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

I grew up watching a single mother suffer the suppressing and latent effects of systemic oppression and Jim Crow culture.

My Mother was afraid of white people though she breastfed some of their children. I observed that conundrum and found it strange even as a child. I’d wonder; “How can they oppress us even as we feed them?”

Voter suppression is part of our nation’s inheritance…

My 11-year-old daughter and I are in Birmingham, Ala. Her youth and conditioning as a track athlete have resulted in a lithe body sure to help her as she faces her very first hurdles event. She moves about her warm-ups oblivious, for the moment, to the past troubles of a town once known as “Bomb-mingham.” The context between then and now is important.

President Trump’s alleged disparagement of socially and economically disrupted countries is a challenging start to a weekend that celebrates the global human rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. No intelligent person who’s paying attention should be shocked…

Roy Moore is no Cleavon Little

Roy Moore is No Cleavon Little

This election cycle, from Georgia to Alabama is absent the comic value of Blazing Saddles, the uber un-politically correct movie by Mel Brooks. In that movie, African American cowboy Cleavon Little rides in on a pony as a Sheriff in a racist white town. Roy Moore, not so much.

A quick comment on a good article linked below from the New York Times. Before automatic Trumpian defenses kick in, consider this a family table conversation. In this case the author, David Brooks is a member of the family.

Here’s my quick take. — Any entity unwilling to examine itself is doomed for extinction. This is an important question for all political parties and actors. Trump is not the first watershed icon accused of detached morality. This particular examination has the added stage of social media. Autopsy reports need to be spiritual as well as “electioneering” oriented. The challenge is…

A Letter to President Trump at Day 100


CBS This Morning Show

Letter From Leo Smith

The Trump Presidency is for me a needed disruption of American nihilism. His vision puts us back on the right track. Here’s episode 4 of CBS Morning Show’s “We the People.” In this one I’ve penned a letter to President Trump on his first 100 days.

April 20, 2017

Dear President Trump:

I am Leo Smith from Smyrna, Georgia. I am a businessman and an activist with the Georgia Republican Party. And I voted for you.

I still believe. I am however writing…

Leo Smith

Connecting America by Building Bridges that Engage for Better Solutions Instagram: @leosmithpolitics Twitter: @leosmithtweets WEB www.efgstrategies.com

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