Leo Smith in 2013 Meeting with Asian American Business Leaders in Atlanta Georgia

Bates and Morehouse College Debate

On Nikki Haley, President Trump and Impeachment

The New Yorker magazine’s John Cassidy doesn’t like Nikki Haley’s assertion that President Trump shouldn’t get the “death penalty” for what many conclude to be his transcript transgressions. His recent article like many in the media quickly convicts Trump on the basis that his actions were for personal benefit. They…

Roy Moore is no Cleavon Little

Roy Moore is No Cleavon Little

This election cycle, from Georgia to Alabama is absent the comic value of Blazing Saddles, the uber un-politically correct movie by Mel Brooks. In that movie, African American cowboy Cleavon Little rides in on a pony as a Sheriff in a racist white town. Roy Moore, not so much.

Leo Smith

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